Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Tear In My Eye

I heard a voice in my head describing the way that sugar would be used to grow buildings across an empty landscape in the future.  I saw the white substance grow from nothing on a meadow into a blob into a building.  I stared at the structure, one of it's rising walls ending on the ground a few feet from the edge of a cliff.  Suddenly I was hanging from that cliff and behind me, below me, was 1000 feet of nothing to the ground.  I looked back over my shoulder and then back to the meadow, the building was gone and I was hanging over the cliff still.  Far ahead of me across this green meadow is a mansion that needs repair.  I am climbing slowly up and over the edge of the cliff, toward the mansion, thinking that rock climbing is easy, once you trust yourself.  I look to my right and see what looks like the bars of a zoo.  Behind the bars, a lion with green fur and a saddle, chasing a bird around it's pen.  A tiger with lizard skin is chasing them both.  I climb over the edge of the cliff and walk toward the mansion.  When I set foot into the meadow it is abuzz with honey bees and I am most certainly not welcome.  I can feel them bouncing off my back, close to my shoulders.  I run toward the mansion now, aiming for a set of double glass doors.  I zig zag a bit and try to throw them off.  After running through and slamming the doors, they are gone from behind me.

 I take another step into a giant room, it's floor covered in the same meadow, it's meadow covered with the same honey bees.  They fly toward and consume me.  I can feel their sting as I tumble forward into black.

When I open my eyes I am only an observer now.  I am watching two sides of a trailer park arguing over something.  The hate in the faces of each side is very apparent.  The time period looks to be the 1950's, but everything is in color, not black and white.  A young woman is among one side of people, she seems to be neutral, a daughter of an arguing man.  He has a beard like a viking and a flannel shirt.  She turns and walks away from the crowd, walking down a street away from the neighborhood.  I can hear the arguing voices like a rumbling sound, no specific words, only that sound.  It is broken by the noise of screeching tires and a scream.  The voices cease.  Now I see flashes in the dark of mens faces.  Grimy with sweat and dirt, their eyes wide open in terror.  Things go black.

I open my eyes again and it is dawn.  A light fog is in the air.  It probably smells like autumn.  I am standing in a muddy field, my feet feel heavy.  In front of me is a semi-truck, I can see the back of it and most of it's left hand side, it is facing away from me.  To my left is a woman with a rifle and a shooting cap.  To my right a number of men with orange hunting caps and camo jackets with jeans.  They are carrying shotguns, broken on their arms for safety.  I realize this is not a posse', it is a funeral procession.  In front of the semi on the ground I can see a person laying there, only their jeans and shoes are visible, the rest of the body is under the front of the semi.  There is an Irish Setter next to a man with a shotgun, the girl's father that I saw at the trailer park.  Her legs are twitching.  With a tear in his eye he flips the butt of the gun upward to snap the barrel shut, points the gun down to where I cannot see it and he pulls the trigger.  The sound of the shotgun wakes me from sleep. It was only a dream, I wipe the tear from my eye.

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