Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SiRFstar IIIx - In the hizzy

How much do I love Hong Kong?  Lots.  Received the SiRFstar IIIx GPS unit.

9600bps TTL Data Level Out

Cool specs:

Receiver type L1 frequency , C/A Code, 12-Channel

Max up-date rate 1Hz

Accuraccy(SA off) Position < 10M 2DRMS

Sensitivity -153dBm(using SiRFXtrac)

Operational Limits Altitude < 18,000m(60,000ft) - velocity < 515m/s(1,000knots)

Time To First Fix(TTFF)

a) Cold start 60sec(typical)

In Cold start scenario, the receiver has no knowledge on last position, approximate time or satellite constellation. The receiver starts to search for signals blindly. Cold start time is the longest startup time for NSA-C3M-NV.

b) Warm start 38sec(typical)

In Warm Start scenario, the receiver knows(due to a backup battery) his last position, approximate time and almanac. Thanks to this it can quickly acquire satellites and get a position fix faster than in cold start mode.

c) Hot Start < 8sec(typical)

In Hot Start scenario, the receiver was off for less than 2 hours. It uses its last Ephemeris data to calculate a position fix.

Re-acquisition Time 3sec. typical (within 5sec. Block out) 8sec. typical (within 120sec. Block out)

Protocol NMEA 0183 (Default) activated message : GLL, GGA, RMC, VTG, GSV, GSA
all with checksum enabled

SiRF Binary

Size 35.8mm(±0.2mm) x 35.8mm(±0.2mm) x 7.7mm(±0.2mm) - Except for Projection of GPS Patch Antenna(Max 0.8mm)

Weight 20g(±1g)

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