Thursday, March 21, 2013

Motor Controller has spun the wheels!

The wheels spun! It was awesome. This is the guy on board:

Strong H Bridge Controller

I used the RC controller and it's receiver to send PWM signals and the test was successful. It did fry the power supply that I had connected, but only because it was from a leftover laptop and it blew the secondary coils in the transformer trying to pull too many amps. Who cares. Steve grabbed a battery charger from home and we can now charge the internal batteries and use those for future testing, thanks to their amperage being correct. Check the facebook for more pics and info, like us if you want and chip in with ideas. When this is remotely accessible we would like for people to have a chance to pilot it, in shared time slots, around our parking lot in the technology park. We operate from the NextWave facility, located in Troy, MI.

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