Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bluetooth Serial and 2 watt WiFi have arrived

Holy jeez, thank you VirtuaBotix! You have just delivered the BT2S Bluetooth Serial module and it is truly amazing. Nice design, small footprint, breakout cable included and the circuit board has two fortified mounting locations. Also, the 2 watt WiFi board came in. Crazy range Batman. This thing has some crazy tech installed, mixed with a 9db+ antenna gives us about 42db+! With a directional dish attached to this setup, I am sure we could see several miles of connectivity. Long day tomorrow, picking up a drill press, air compressor and helping a friend move to a new flat. I know our mentor, Rachel Armstrong is busy with her protocell research, meaning we need to get this thing operational ASAP to test coverage area, protocell amounts, detection of locations requiring protocell delivery and a number of other challenges. This is nothing that we cannot accomplish with hard work and collaboration. Any questions about our code, please inquire.

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