Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Crazy frickin day

I met a great guy today. Professor of Operations Research, Dimitris Bertsimas at MIT.  At lunch he had some advice relating to a few projects that we are working on.  Hopefully he will be able to analyze a ton of data that we present to him and see things in new and exciting ways.  A few of his papers are very relevant to our work, especially this one:

Computational Approaches to Stochastic Vehicle Routing Problems
Dimitris Bertsimas
Philippe Chervit
Michael Peterson
April 18, 1991

Tons of information and useful equations that I can use for Mechatron interactions with each other.

Then, in the afternoon, I was paid a visit by this maniac - Dewayne Hendricks.  He's in the Detroit area after being out west for years.  We talked some shop, I showed off Makerbot #3630 and a few things that are in the pipeline.  He showed me something called the 4 quadrant model.

It's useful, but I like to let the business people do the business stuff and I like to do the technical nerd stuff.  Which leads to my first episode of NextMechTechTalk!  My first real broadcast and I will be talking about a concept we'll call 'Mechatron soul mapping'.  WHAT?  Tune in soon, all episodes will be posted to the YouTube site if you miss them or are not in the Eastern time zone.  Tootaloo.  

Yeah, I just said that.

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