Saturday, November 12, 2011


I have been watching these in the lab - MIT YouTube Lectures - MIT 16.885J Aircraft Systems Engineering - It is from 2005 and the coolest thing about this years course is it's devotion to the Space Shuttle program.  So from one of the lectures they stress backup systems and since SARA is a research platform for avionics, we will take a nod to NASA and build in a backup sensor system.  This will indeed add weight and reduce flight time, although again, for research purposes, it will provoke an upgrade to the control software.  I picked up four of these guys to play with - 3d Robotics Failsafe MUX
Basically it has two sets of four inputs, out to one set of outputs.  I don't know how yet, but I will attempt to setup a set of matching sensors to those in the Android phone, maybe even two Android phones....

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