Sunday, November 6, 2011

Android Based Quadrotor

In between a few paying projects, we have been putting together the mark III airframe from diydrones.  The lab has a few Mega 2560's laying around and I also ordered an Ardupilot shield the other day.  We have planned to use the above setup as we love the community and are glad to see so much activity in the small craft UAV market.  However, after receiving a random email from a colleague, Amjad Hussain, we are going to take the time to integrate a Samsung Aspire into our design as the Quadrotor brain.  I need to dive into it further and this will be an ongoing project with the team.  Introductions to said team will follow in the next few posts, I need to check with the paranoid hacker types to make sure they don't mind the worlds eyeball on them.  Cheers.

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